Thomas E. Horner


this is an updated version of the viceo scanner driver for sane.
the viceo driver is expected to support the following scanners
  • genius vivid pro usb
  • primax colorado usb 19200
  • visioneer onetouch 6100
  • visioneer onetouch 7600
  • visioneer onetouch 8600 (?)
  • ibm ideascan 2000 usb
  • lg electronics scanworks 600u

i have taken version sane 1.0.18 and ported it to sane
version 1.0.20 which widely differs in its build configuration.

i'm looking for help to get my onetouch 8600 to work with the driver.
it's scanline moves to init but then suddenly stops after initializing.
the hardware itself is ok as the scanner works under windows.
* any help with this would be highly appreciated! *

gzip'd diff sane-backends-1.0.20-viceo.diff.gz
gzip'd diff sane-backends-1.0.22-viceo.diff.gz
you will also need this binary file which could not be included in the diff

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